Rachael Shelley Cloak is a Dublin based editor and content creator. A recent graduate from Technological University Dublin, where she completed a four year degree in Creative Digital Media. She focused her studies towards digital media production and audio production, where she gained experience in using major editing software such as Avid, ProTools and Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Her work has covered areas such as film, audio, photography and graphic design. Where she has exceeded in the creation of short films, television documentaries, radio documentaries and live shows. She has developed skills in cinematography whilst using the Canon EOS 5D camera, capturing stunning visual content.


Rachael has gained experience in a multitude of different roles in a production aspect. She has  worked on projects such as Artificial Isolation, a documentary about Covid-19 pandemic and Other Sides: Veganism, a radio documentary focused on the rise of veganism. She is passionate about photography and enjoys travelling.

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